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Since opening, A and M continues to strive to keep up with rapidly changing technology.  We have partnered with a core group of machine tool and advanced technology solution suppliers so that A and M Manufacturing can continue to grow and be an industry leader.

Palletech Cell

Our Mazak Palletech cell is Mazak's flexible manufacturing system, that combines multiple machines, loading stations, pallet storage and is brought together by a robotic vehicle to move pallets from machines, to and from loading stations, and to pallet storage.  Mazak's Palletech software allows us to schedule multiple jobs simultaneously, monitor operations, track tool life and detect breakage, manage part programs, and issue loading instructions to operators. 

The benefits of this system have be astounding to A and M Manufacturing.  We are able to operate multiple machines unattended, in lights-out operation, with limited employees necessary to keep the cell going 24-7.  Through our Palletech system we are able to produce both large and small quantities of parts extremely quickly, with no set up or tear down time, eliminating costly inefficiency. 


Our multiple multitasking machines have allowed us to incorporate milling and turning, of complex parts, into one operation.  Through multitasking we have the ability to complete most if not all the parts process steps, allowing us to put in raw material and pull out finished parts.  This practice drastically reduces set up costs, time to manufacture parts, and accuracy of parts being made. 


We have been able to combine up to 6 operations into one through our multitasking efforts and save up to 25% of the parts process time.

Basic Machining

A and M offers several solutions for basic machining operations on parts as well, however we still try to implement the multitasking concept in these machines as well.  All of our CNC vertical milling machines are fitted with 4th axis tables, allowing us to reach multiple sides of the part.  We do try to do much of the same in our CNC lathe department by using bar feeders to maximize productivity and running "mini-cells" to allow better through put of product.  

Secondary Operations


There are many secondary operations, after machining, that A and M supports for our customers. 

Assembly- A and M handles simple to medium complexity assemblies for our customers. 

Hone- Our Sunnen hone is a key piece of our secondary operations to achieve tight tolerance hole sizes and low Ra finish.

Deburr- Our precision deburr team includes several individuals with years of experience as well as media tumblers to assist in a more automated deburr process.

Clean- A and M uses ultra sonic cleaning tanks as part of our cleaning cycle to ensure parts are FOD free.

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